A 12 week group coaching program for aspiring and new female service based entrepreneurs to get you from confused and broke in your business to soaring to success.


Do you find your mindset getting in your way?  

Are you totally cluess when it comes to what it even takes to get a client?  

Do you feel totally lost when it comes to building out an offer you're proud of and confident in?

Are you currently struggling with getting clients that you lower your rates just to make ends meet?  

Does the idea of launching a program & getting on sales calls totally overwhelm you? 

If you answered yes to any of the above questions, The Abundant Business Academy was created to help you overcome all of these barriers and so much more. I have designed this program to meet you where you are at and bring you to a place in your business where you are confident and killing it.


Hey girl! 

My name is Becky Feigin. I'm your go-to Instagram Expert and Business Coach. I'm equally obsessed with my dog and traveling, which makes my life a bit tricky.

I started my business from the ground up just over a year ago. I went from Social Media Manager to Instagram Coach to Business Coach in the span of 6 months.

Between learning from experience and hiring 6 different coaches in the span of the year, I've perfected my craft and am now sharing my knowledge and expertise with you! 

I created the Abundant Business Academy to help new and aspiring coaches kickstart their business and not have to deal with the uncertainty of doing things on their own.

The authentic growth you deserve!

It's time to live by your own rules.

It's time to have your dream clients.

It's time to actually value your time.

It's time to have a business you're proud of and confident in.

Introducing The Abundant Business Academy

Imagine If...

✅You get your mindset right so that you can stop sabotaging your success.

✅You know exactly how to build out a program your confident in.

✅You get DMs from people dying to work with you.

✅You're actually excited to launch and get on sales calls.

✅Those high-ticket sales you deserve start pouring in.

✅Your confidence surrounding your business is THROUGH the roof.  

This gets to be your reality when you join ABA!


What's Included

SO FREAKING MUCH because I just can't help myself and want to see you succeed

In Person Retreat

We will spend an entire weekend together at the end of the program bonding and working on your business. You'll leave the weekend with a deeper connection with the women from the program and a plan for the next 6 months in your business.

(Value $2,000)

Weekly Group Coaching Calls

Every week we will have laser coaching group calls to ensure all your questions are answered and you have all the support you need to skyrocket your business. We will work together to break down every obstacle you might hit along the way. Videos will be recorded and uploaded into your pre-recorded course.                      
(Value: $3,000)

Bi-Weekly 1:1 Calls

We will get on private bi-weekly 45-minute calls to map out your success plan together. Each call we will focus on one piece of your business to make sure that you are ready to launch with a warm audience at your fingertips when the time comes.
(Value: $2,000)

Pre-recorded Course with Weekly Homework & Journal Prompts

This course is like your MapQuest guide to a flourishing online business. You will learn everything from how to have confidence in yourself to mastering Instagram marketing to how to plan a successful launch and kill it on sales calls. To keep you on track throughout the 12 weeks, you will have weekly homework to go with each module and journal prompts to keep your mindset on point.
(Value: $1,200) 

Facebook Group Support

Support up the wazoo in this program. The Facebook group will be a place for you to share your homework and open up when you need support in any area of business or life. I will drop in with live trainings from time to time, guest coaches will pop in, and this will be your all around safe space.
(Value: $1,500)

Voxer Group Chat & 1:1 Support

I told you there would be A LOT of support. The other women in this program will become your best friends and whenever anyone needs a pep talk, I will be there in the chat to support as well. This is a space to quickly get the advice and support you need to take massive action. If you ever need to talk about anything 1:1 with me, you have access to that as well. So supported.
(Value: $2,000) 

Total Value: $11,700
You pay a FRACTION of this to be supported for 3 months!! Like literally less than 1/3 of this price. I seriously must be crazy, but those shifts and strategies and your mindset are the only things holding you back from unwavering success. And I want with all of my heart to get you there.

This is the EXACT program I wish I had when I was starting out so I spent months perfecting it just for you. I know it's going to change your life. I know you're going to move mountains. It's time to believe in yourself!  






This is the first step to success in any online coaching business. We will work on your mindset and get you in abundance mode STAT, we'll nail down your dream client, learn all things marketing research, and master Instagram marketing. 


This is where the real fun begins! You'll build out your dream, soul-aligned offer and learn all the steps to have a successful launch. This is also where we cover your money fears so that you can price out your program confidently and never offer a discount again when someone says, "you charge how much?!"


This is where the hard (and fun) work happens. You will actually launch your program (this can be 1:1 or group) during our 12 weeks together. This way you have my support along with the other girls in the program. We'll work through all your struggles and setbacks together and celebrate your wins.


Wondering what changes you're going to see if you work with me? 

✅ A business that is soaring to success 

✅Content that is ENGAGING and sparks a conversation

✅ Pure confidence around your offers  

✅ A brand that you're proud of and believe in

✅Complete knowledge of Instagram in order to grow your business and bring in clients

✅Instagram Marketing QUEEN status

✅Confidence around launching and getting on sales calls 

✅Treating your business LIKE a business (entrepreneur mindset)

If all of this sounds amazing to you, then what are you waiting for?! 


"My biggest transformation has been the shift into an entrepreneur mindset, which was not my goal at all. However, it is so necessary and has helped me lean on others for support more, find my voice, and work through challenges and problem solve."

Jenna Soroka
Health Coach

"I'm thinking like a business owner and I'm realizing everything I do during the day is me running my business. The accountability has been huge. Just having someone on my side, and being inspired by the girls in the group. Learning about DMs and a launch plan were super helpful as well as having the monthly point of action."

Taylor Fultz
Holistic Life Coach

"My biggest transformation has been having an actual structure that feels good AND realizing that entrepreneurship is SO MUCH MINDSET. The mindset has allowed me to understand and trust the strategy! "

Raegan Donchess
Empowerment Coach

If you're still on the fence, let me tell you who this program is for.

This program is NOT for you if:

You already make over $5k every month

You think what you're doing is working even though you haven't gotten any clients yet

You hate Instagram and don't want to use it for your business

You don't believe that your mindset AND strategy are holding you back

You think this is going to be easy and aren't prepared to work for this

This program IS for you if:  

✔️You are ready to start seeing consistency in your business

✔️You feel a bit lost in your business, but know one thing for sure: this is what you're meant to be doing

✔️You are excited about utilizing Instagram for your business

✔️You see the value in getting a coach

✔️You are ready to put in the work to make your dreams come true 

Ok..so now you know this program is for you so WHAT THE HECK ARE YOU WAITING FOR?! You already like hanging out on Instagram, why not make money WHILE DOING IT?! 

You're right, no more playing around. I AM IN!

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