The six steps to take to start signing high-ticket clients as a coach or service provider.


🌸You knew you were meant for more than the corporate world so you set out to start your own business, but are discovering it's a bit more difficult than you initially thought

🌸You've been working hard to sign your first client, but something just isn't clicking

🌸You desperately want your business to work out for you, but it's starting to feel like a pipe dream

🌸You're ready to start signing high-ticket clients and finally be able to leave your soul-sucking corporate job

🌸You know that once you fully understand the process to signing high-ticket clients it's all going to fall into place for you

...Now if only there was someone to teach you those steps 🧐

I get it. When I started my business I was completely lost on how to actually sign clients. I thought it would be easy and I knew I was meant for more than an office job, but even with my marketing knowledge, I couldn't seem to score any high-ticket clients. So I went to work learning everything I possibly could through my coaches, free webinars, ebooks, articles, and more. After months of trial and error, I finally started hitting consistent five-figure launches and bringing in clients month after month. From there, I put together my perfect six step method to bringing in high-ticket dream clients and now I teach this process to my clients. And for the first time ever, I'm bringing this process to you for an affordable price through the High-Ticket Hacker Masterclass!

There’s a better way to do business than just posting and hoping that a sale comes in. There’s a strategy you can implement.

And you deserve to learn it all.

It’s time to stop playing small in your business and actually take massive action. This is what the High-Ticket Hacker Masterclass was designed for. To fill the gaps in your current marketing plan so that you finally understand the why behind what you’re doing. To help you finally have a strategy that works for you and helps you sign your first (and consistent) high-ticket clients.

This masterclass will walk you through my six-step method to bringing in high-ticket clients. It's is going to change the trajectory of your business for good.



 🌸Understanding how to embody your personal brand to call in your dream clients

 🌸Having the tools to build out a personalized plan to actually start signing high-ticket dream clients

 🌸Knowing how to find your dream clients and pull them into your energy utilizing Instagram

 🌸Understanding attraction marketing so you can finally have your dream clients waiting for you to drop your next offer

 🌸Waking up to DMs from dream clients every single day!

This is possible for you when you join the High-Ticket Hacker Masterclass!


🌸LIVE Q+A following the masterclass

🌸3-day post masterclass Facebook Group support

🌸Lifetime access to the replay!

🌸Access to an extra special bonus (think an opportunity to work with me for $1k off)!!

🌸Establishing a Bulletproof Brand
🌸Mastering Your Niche
🌸Instagram Profile Optimization
🌸Consistency & Confidence --> Conversion
🌸Authority Hacking
🌸Scaling with Sales